Live Like a King — Sleep Like an Immigrant

The Lower East Side was the original home for millions of immigrants that arrived in the U.S. between 1882 and 1924.

The Blue Moon Hotel at 100 Orchard Street ( is located in a refurbished tenement building that was once home to newly arrived immigrants. Many items that were used in the tenement building have been preserved and are located throughout the hotel. The lobby is surrounded with 19th-century oak wainscoting and pine window moldings, original marble tiles are on the floor, and a coal oven sits in the corner. All the rooms have some furnishings from the original building, and papers found in the building before renovation (sheet music, Yiddish newspapers, and letters) are framed and hung throughout.

People come every day to the Lower East Side, hoping to catch a glimpse of the life that went on here centuries ago. While no one wants to live in the dirt and squalor that existed back then, people do want a genuine feel of this corner of New York that was once the most crowded place on earth. This luxurious, 4-star hotel is trying to give people that sense of an era gone by, while at the same time offering them a plush New York hotel experience (with amenities like free internet access, large rooms, and a beautiful lobby).

The Blue Moon Hotel is in the perfect location to experience the Lower East Side. Guss' Pickles, famous for their pickles from the barrel, is down the block, and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum is across the street. Every Sunday, Orchard Street north of Delancey is closed to traffic, enabling vendors to sell their merchandise on the street much in the same way as a century ago. Two blocks away on Grand Street is Kossars Bialys (, as well as another kosher bakery with pastries and cakes made from recipes that were brought here by the first immigrants.

The Blue Moon Hotel on New York's Lower East Side The Blue Moon Hotel on New York's Lower East Side
The Blue Moon Hotel on the Lower East Side
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