Touro College: A Neighborhood College

Founded in 1971, Touro College might today be the largest Jewish educational institution in the world, with worldwide enrollment approaching 20,000. Touro is a unique national college, whose mission is the "preservation of the Jewish heritage and support for Jewish continuity."

Set in the heart of residential Flatbush is the five-story Touro College Flatbush Center (1602 Avenue J, Built in 1984 at a cost of 15 million dollars, the building has a gabled roof profile and red brick construction to blend with the local housing.

Men and women attend classes on different days. Students are able to attend full-time Hebrew school and get credit at Touro. Touro has an active internship program where students can gain immeasurable benefit from real world experience. For example, pre-law students have interned for Senators Patrick Moynihan, Joseph Lieberman and Charles Schumer.

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