A Different Kind of JCC

The Sephardic Community Center ("SCC"), a part of the Jewish Community Center (JCC) system, is located on Ocean Parkway and Avenue S in Brooklyn, between Flatbush and Coney Island/Brighton Beach. Situated in a magnificent building made of Jerusalem stone, the SCC is a central focal point in the Sephardic community of South Brooklyn. (Sephardic Jews come from Spain, Portugal, and across the Middle East.)

The center's stated mission is to preserve and document the rich history and culture of the Sephardic community's traditions and values. The SCC takes care of community members from the youngest children through senior citizens, and at every stage in between.

In 2007, the center began an ambitious $24 million project to renovate 35,000 square feet of existing space and to build a new 52,548 square feet, five-story addition.

For more information about the SCC, see www.scclive.org.

The Sephardic Community Center in Flatbush
The Sephardic Community Center in Flatbush
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