Flatbush Sacred Scroll Factory

Torah scrolls are hand-written on parchment made from the hide of a kosher animal. It takes the hide of 70 animals to produce one Torah scroll, and a scribe has to spend about one year to write to complete a single scroll.

At the Flatbush Sacred Scroll Factory, scribes not only write scrolls, they also check old scrolls for errors, because one missing letter renders a scroll invalid. Computers are used to scan scrolls for missing letters, but scribes are needed to check that the letters themselves are written properly.

A new Torah scroll is worth about $35,000. FSSF encourages owners of Torah scrolls to use the Universal Torah Registry System (sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York – see www.jcrcny.org) to ensure that if their scroll is stolen, it can retrieved. The registry system encodes each scroll based on the handwriting of the particular scribe that wrote that individual scroll. This doesn't just provide peace of mind – it also saves the owner money! For example, Lloyds of London charges less than half of its normal premiums to insure a Torah scroll that is registered with the Universal Torah Registry as compared to one that is not.

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