Flatbush: Jews Transplanted from the Middle East

Jewish communities formerly thrived in Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran. After 1948, most of these communities left their homes.

Kosher Italian restaurant in Flatbush
Kosher Italian restaurant
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Ahi Ezer in Flatbush
Ahi Ezer Congregation in Flatbush
Photo copyright Jeffrey Altman. All rights reserved.

Sephardic Jews from the Middle East are experiencing a resurgence in Flatbush, Brooklyn. On a walking tour through the neighborhood, you'll learn who they are and how they live, see the Sephardic Community Center, visit a Middle Eastern synagogue, and eat (or shop for) delicious kosher Middle Eastern specialties from the neighborhood bakeries and restaurants.

  • Walk through a beautiful residential area. Learn about the community's unique traditions and customs.
  • See the institutions that keep the community together.
  • Visit an unusual Middle Eastern synagogue.
  • Shop at Middle Eastern groceries and bakeries selling exotic food items like baklava, burekas, basbousas, lafa bread, kibbe, falafel, Moroccan cigars, and shwarma.


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