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Brooklyn, with the largest population of New York City's five boroughs, would be the fourth largest city in the United States if it were independent (behind only the rest of NYC, Chicago, and Los Angeles). Like any city of this scale, it's known by its neighborhoods.

Mention Brooklyn to anyone from the New York area, and you'll probably get a smile and a memory: egg creams, baseball, beaches, or family. But Brooklyn is not just memories anymore. Today Brooklyn is blooming and booming, from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, to luxurious developments in Brighton, to Keyspan Park (the home of the minor-league Brooklyn Cyclones) on the ocean.

The heart of Brooklyn, though, is her people. Walk through residential and commercial streets and you will see vibrant growing communities from across the globe. The memories of childhood days are still there, but they are surrounded with new faces and new communities.

Interested in Jewish Brooklyn? Brooklyn has become a focal point of the Orthodox Jewish world. From the diverse Chasidic communities of Borough Park and Williamsburg, to the Sephardic communities of Flatbush, Brooklyn has incredible diversity and intensity. Take a walking tour of one of these unique neighborhoods with an expert guide.

Borough Park

Flatbush - Middle Eastern Jewish communities

Flatbush - Modern/Ancient

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"Jeff did a wonderful job of describing the buildings and history that went along with them. He was open to questions and was very informative. We highly recommend this tour and guide."
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